Despite our best efforts to slow things down, life only seems to grow busier and busier. We need to satiate our snack desires without slowing down as the tasks, errands, and everyday life load up. An afternoon slump may be brought on by eating too many carbohydrates, while a large energy surge and crash can be brought on by eating too many sweets.

Getting enough of protein in your diet is the greatest option for a quick pick-me-up. In addition to supporting muscular development, protein may encourage effective daily energy use. These are a few of our top picks for high-protein snacks.

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Seeds and nuts

The majority of nuts and seeds have some of the greatest protein contents per ounce despite not being meat. Six grams of protein are included in one ounce of nuts. They perform much better with around nine grams of protein per ounce, depending on the variety of seed. 

Nuts and seeds are naturally suited for quick on-the-go nibbling, which makes them travel-friendly. You may satisfy any urge for a snack by tossing some into a small Tupperware container or a resealable bag. Here are some of our top picks if you’re seeking for inventive ways to include nuts and seeds in your diet.


Probably the simplest approach to present your preferred nuts and seeds is this manner. Hikers, travelers by car, and your father who refused to pay extra for refreshments at the airport have long been fans of trail mix. 

Gather your preferred high-protein nuts, such as pistachios and almonds, as well as antioxidant- and protein-rich seeds, such pomegranate or pumpkin seeds, into a sturdy bag. You can then decide what to do with the remaining ingredients. Do you need a little sweetness? If you would like to add a little sweetness to the mixture without using artificial sweeteners, try adding some dried fruit or even 70% to 80% dark chocolate. For a spicy touch, add diced spicy sopressata or chopped prosciutto to increase the protein content.

The Best High Protein Snacks For Life On The Go. Nuts & Seeds


Nuts and seeds are common components found in a lot of nutritious snack bars. When you make your next grocery shop excursion, stop by this department and see which ones grab your attention. However, be sure to carefully review the nutritional information and search for bars that are low in sugar and rich in protein.

Create your own if you’d like an even better option. Just combine some premium nuts and seeds with a light oat or granola combination. As a bonding agent, mix it with some raisins or dry dates and add honey. On a pan or baking sheet, shape into a rectangle, then freeze for the whole night. Enjoy after cutting the rectangle into bars!


The humble garbanzo bean, sometimes referred to as the chickpea, is a titan among the greatest high-protein snacks. Renowned for their health advantages, they are often used as a favorite garnish in Mediterranean cuisine. Chickpeas, like almonds, include around 6 grams of protein per ounce. 

They also have comparatively low salt and fat levels and a high potassium content. Even the everyday use of chickpeas and related legumes has been shown to help reduce harmful cholesterol. 

Plus, because of their tiny size, they are quite portable. Roasted chickpeas are delicious on their own, but here are several other uses for these and other wonderful beans.


This is undoubtedly among the greatest and most well-liked methods to reap the health advantages of chickpeas. A mainstay of the Mediterranean diet, hummus is produced using basic ingredients. To get the right texture, add salt, spices, and water to a food processor along with the tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and chickpeas. Pulse the mixture until it starts to emulsify. To go with it, you may keep it in plastic containers and add some vegetables. 

To give your hummus a taste of its own, you may also add more veggies or seasonings. For an added taste and protein boost, try adding crispy chopped pancetta or julienned Bresaola to your hummus.

Salad of lentils

We should share some of our enthusiasm for chickpeas now that we’ve given them so much praise. When it comes to protein content, lentils and chickpeas are comparable. They provide a lot of extra nutrients and health advantages, and each serving has a lot of fiber. For a smoother flavor, many persons with gluten allergy may replace spaghetti and other comparable carbohydrates with lentil-based substitutes.

There are many uses for lentils, but making a basic lentil salad is by far the finest. For a snack that is high in protein and has a rich taste, combine cooked lentils with a nutritious green salad and your preferred fruits and veggies. Drizzle with a little dressing.


Adding meat to your diet might sometimes be the easiest method to increase your protein intake. To keep active and increase protein, concentrate on consuming high-quality meats that don’t need a lot to fulfill your appetites.


While our handmade cured meats made in small batches are great for adding flair to regular dishes, there are times when you just want to enjoy a decadent, easy meal without any additional work. Perfectly sliced hand-cured meats are an experience best enjoyed when you have time to relish the process, after all.

We are aware of it. Thus, Volpi Roltini Singles were presented. These individually wrapped cheese sticks are the ultimate version of the traditional snack. Our distinctive artisan meats are wrapped around quality cheese in each single. 

These keep well in the refrigerator and are a delightful distraction no matter where life takes you. There are four distinct flavor combinations available for Roltini Singles, including the traditional Prosciutto and Mozzarella and a spicily flavorful Chorizo and Oaxaca Cheese.


Our finely sliced, dry-cured meats come in 1.5-ounce chunks in each pack, which offers 9–13 grams of protein. They make the ideal quantity for a fast snack, salad dressing, or sandwich. You can be certain that each pack offers a significant protein punch and an abundance of taste since we concentrate on manufacturing in small, handcrafted quantities.


For good reason, humans have traditionally turned to the dairy food category when they need a boost of protein. The body needs milk and other dairy products to absorb and process adequate protein. But nothing beats yogurt as a portable, high-protein, and healthful dairy option. Its three grams of protein per ounce are concentrated in variants such as Greek yogurt, which remove the milk’s whey to maximize its nutritional advantages.

In essence, yogurt is cultured milk. It mixes many types of good bacteria and lets them grow in a heated and chilled environment. The finished result is a refreshing, tangy, light cream that goes well with almost everything. These are a few of your upcoming favorite yogurts.


It’s simple to win this one. Around the globe, parfaits are served with a variety of regional components. All you need is yogurt and additional nutritious sweet or savory components like fruit, nuts, granola, and honey. 

Put them in a jar or cup, or add any additional ingredients you desire, and refrigerate. When you’re ready to indulge, take off the lid and spoon-feed yourself some. 

Remember that the parfait’s nutritional value may vary depending on the kind of yogurt used. If you prefer a thicker kind, go for Greek yogurt instead of yogurts with a lot of added sugar.


Yogurt has the wonderful ability to be a blank canvas. Although it naturally has a sour taste, you can mix it with almost any other ingredient to create a whole other flavor basis. It’s often used in dressings and sauces. Here’s where you may utilize this to produce protein-rich and delectable vegetable dips. 

To make a tasty and portable dip for your assortment of veggies, combine plain yogurt, olive oil, thyme, garlic powder, and salt to taste. Try varying the herbs and spices to make dips for every sort of food.


It’s not always necessary to limit your snacking to solely protein additions. Think about choices that will improve your health inherently. Two excellent instances of this are eggs and fish. 

Essential omega-3 fatty acids are present in most fish kinds, and eggs, when consumed in moderation, may help lower harmful cholesterol. Here are some ideas for preparing your snacks with these essential health foods.


Generally speaking, when we consider incorporating more protein into our diets, we consider foods like beef, pig, and chicken, as well as alternatives like dairy, beans, and nuts. We often overlook fish, which are perhaps the most plentiful source of protein on the world. While there are many different kinds of fish that may be eaten all around the globe, tuna is among the most popular and readily accessible. 

An ounce of saltwater fish called tuna has an astounding 8 grams of protein. Its texture is mostly flaky, and its taste is profound. While there are many ways to eat tuna as a snack, serving it with a crisp vegetable such as sliced radishes or Persian cucumbers is one of the greatest combinations.


Simple, traditional eggs. It functions flawlessly for you as well, just like it did for your grandparents. There are many ways to cook eggs, and they provide around 6 grams of protein apiece. Hard boiling your eggs is one of the better methods, however.

Because they can be carried on the move and kept in a Tupperware container, hard-boiled eggs are very portable. Because they are so well-liked, hard-boiled eggs are often sold separately at grab-and-go establishments. You can eat them on their own, crumbled over some multigrain bread, or cut up and added to a salad. 

Start by putting your eggs in a pot with cold water to produce hard-boiled eggs. As soon as the water reaches a boil, turn off the heat. Cover the pan and let it sit for about eleven minutes. Carefully remove the eggs and shock them with cold water. After that, peel and break the eggs and eat.


We like loading up our plates. After all, we feel more successful the more we are able to achieve. But when you’re trying to outdo your 5-year-old or win the errand Olympics, don’t forget to load your plate with enough energy to last. Consider implementing a few of our recommendations to get the most out of your routine and enjoy the advantages of the finest high-protein snacks.