After strong parental encouragement, almost all of us enjoyed eating fresh fruits when we were younger, but now days we seldom find any fruits that we really appreciate. We all wanted to eat salads as we got older and read about the many health fads that were accessible online, but we were never able to enjoy the flavor of roadside kale. It should come as no surprise that the quality of fruits and vegetables in major cities has been declining; in fact, it has become so bad that finding a juicy fruit is a real challenge and finding a clean-looking fruit is almost unattainable. 

Bringing back memories of our youth, we have selected the top online sellers of organic fruits and vegetables that are free of chemicals and dyes, promoting health and pleasure instead. Continue reading!

1. The World of Organics

“Choose Better” is the perfect way to sum up Organic World, which was founded in 2013. The firm is headquartered at Mapletree Farm in Tamil Nadu, which was established by a former Infosys founder. Farmlands there have been set aside to support the organic farming movement in India. Because of the company’s openness, visitors are often able to tour the farms and see the manufacturing process in action. 

Organic World offers a vast array of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, but what we love most about them is their zero waste policy, which even includes sustainable packaging made from glass containers and brown paper packs. They only have retail stores in Bangalore, but they deliver throughout Delhi. Very nice!

2. Uncle the Farmer

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One of the most innovative organic vegetable efforts on the internet, Farmer Uncle revives and actually puts to use the term “Farm to Table.” Even though they operate as intermediaries, they put farmers and buyers in direct communication with one another, facilitating an engaging relationship. With Farmer Uncle, you have the freedom to choose not only where and from whom you want your next batch of strawberries, but also when and how they are gathered. Whoa! It’s just like owning a virtual farm of your own without the high running expenses. Farmer Uncle offers a clear pricing structure, guaranteeing a farmer Rs. 70 for each Rs. 100 you spend on any of the lovely fruits and veggies you see on their website. Purchase yours now!

3. I Declare: Organic

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For those residing in the Delhi NCR, I Say Organic makes obtaining organic veggies simple with its website, app, offline contact services, and Gurgaon retail location. These people are incredibly customer-focused, offering same-day delivery choices and accepting returns of goods that are not suitable. The company’s methodology is its unique selling point. They pick the farmers from whom they acquire their food and make sure that their water supply, soil, cropping patterns, and manure are all of high quality. They also invest time in learning about the ideal growing circumstances for produce, which removes the need for chemical assistance. 

You may discover a vast array of fruits, veggies, sauces, and drinks from I Say Organic, which works with over 100 farmers in 13 states and offers a nice selection of seasonal, year-round, and exotic items. So, get going! 

4. Living Organic

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Since its founding in 2010, Live Organic has carved out a special place for itself in the industry and has earned a solid reputation thanks to its reliance on certification to provide assurances. The firm only collaborates with farmers that own certified “Organic” food and lands. Additionally, every product has the NPOP India Organic Logo or Eco Cert certification. With a focus on health, Live Organic also maintains a blog where it regularly publishes articles on the uses and advantages of the many items it offers. 

Live Organic also offers dairy products, seeds, fish, and chicken in addition to fruits and vegetables. Live Organic also offers an intriguing selection of gluten-free items for customers who are even more health-conscious, allowing you to indulge guilt-free. Put everything fantastic and healthful in your basket now!

5. Click on Farmz

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Go Farmz is a cooperative effort that was founded as a side project by a group of software engineers. Its members exclusively work with farmers that use organic, natural, or ZBNF farming methods. They physically visit the farms to verify the veracity of the farmers and their methods, and they publish these particulars for each produced product. Their methodology is distinct and well based. Every week, the group picks up fruits, vegetables, and millet from the farmers and posts the available goods on the internet. Customers have from Sunday through Thursday to choose the products they want at any moment. After that, the order is delivered on weekends, which makes it simple for you to restock on veggies every single week!

6. Organics Norea

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Norea, which was founded by Kunal Arora in 2017, is a relatively newcomer to the organic market, but it’s making a good impression since it wants to restore product traceability and gives farmers back control over their harvest, which is fantastic. Noreo gives clients organically certified products, guaranteeing that they get only the finest, and provides farmers with incentives to ensure that they will choose to cultivate organic. Noreo goes above and above by using biodegradable packing materials in place of plastic. Right now, their organic chausa mangoes are the highlight of their website, and we can’t help but add a dozen to our baskets. What say you? 

7. The Haat, Jaivik

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Jaivik Haat is a social venture that operates under the “Organic Way of Life” banner. It was established in 2009 by IT and intellectual property specialists with the simple goal of bridging the gap between the growing demand for organic products and the already widely accessible organic farmers. Jaivik Haat provides fair trade, a large selection of organic food, including not only fruits and vegetables but also drinks, cereals, grains, oils, dairy products, and more. The company’s mission is to guarantee that farmers live happy, stress-free lives. Check it out!

You’re probably itching for some nutritious, luscious fruits to show off at your next family breakfast after looking over our selection of organic suppliers. So enjoy yourself and let us know which of these virtual farms has the greatest mangos!