We have to admit, we scream because we like our air fryers! Are you curious as to 2.hy? Waffle irons, stand mixers, slow cookers, and other equipment abound in our kitchens, so anything new has to be really good. The air fryer turns out to be well worth the investment. Our main explanations on why: Who doesn’t enjoy deep-fried food? However, we don’t like all the oil, mess, and cleaning that goes along with it. All of it is resolved in less than half the time with the air fryer. Hot air convection frying produces the crispiest, crunchiest dish20 possible while retaining their juicy texture. To discover just how flexible an air fryer can be, check out this list of all 97 of our favorite recipes! If you don’t already have one, this is your cue to get one!

The frequency with which we utilize ours is very bizarre. It has7.replaced our toaster as our preferred under-the-counter devic9. and has become our go-to for everything from breakfast to dessert. Speaking of toast, your air fryer may be used for practically all of your everyday morning preparations. We’re talking pancakes, bacon, sausage, avocado toast, muffins, and omelets. WILD, we know that, right?

It’s also excellent for assisting you in preparing delectable lunches and dinners. Put your sides in the air fryer and let it take care of the cooking if you want to spend more time in the kitchen preparing your main meal. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and cauliflower are just a few of the veggies that cook beautifully in an air fryer. Your main coursThe air fryer.red IN the air fryer as well. With proteins like tofu, fried chicken, meatballs, pig chops, and even steak, it works like a charm.

Do you need a last-minute starter? Continue making your favorites, but use your air fryer. For ideas, try our loaded zucchini skins, air fryer stuffed Tuscan mushrooms, or air fried everything bagel avocado fries—all of which can be prepared in half the time with an air fryer.

Not to be overlooked is dessert. Apple pie “baked” apples, GF peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, vegan zucchini chocolate cake (so juicy! ), and berry crisps are just a few of the incredible things you can make with an air fryer. It should be mentioned that the air fryer works well for reheating food, particularly dessEverything Bagel Avocado Fries in the Air Fryert want to reheat it in the oven? Would you want your ice cream served with a warm brownie? Do you have a baked item that needs some flavoring? You won’t believe they weren’t taken straight out of the oven if you give them a quick blast in your air fryer.

See our bookazine, Easy + Healthy Air Fryer, for additional ideas on air fryers.

air fryer chicken parmesan

Air-fried Parmesan Chicken

It’s incredible that you can get crispy golden chicken without using any oil at all. This variation of chicken parmesan requires far less work to get the same flavor as the classic form, so there’s no need to heat up your oven or create a messy, greasy mess on your cooktop.

air fryer potatoes


Air-Fried Sweet Potatoes

Our potatoes should be well-seasoned, very crispy on the exterior, and absolutely tender on the inside. How can we consistently nail them? The air fryer. These potatoes are exceptionally crispy and herbaceous, and they cook in half the time without requiring you to preheat the oven!

air fryer hot pockets

Picture; Rocky Luten; Recipe Book; Makinze Gore


Hot Pockets with an Air Fryer

Love Hot Pockets but find it too expensive to purchase a box each time a hunger arises? You should try this simple crescent dough recipe!

air fryer cauliflower tacos



Tacos with Air Fryer Cauliflower

Using your air fryer is essential if you want extremely crispy “fried” cauliflower. Essentially, this dish is our favorite fish tacos made vegan. The last detail? A simple and fast pickled slaw to provide a pop of freshness and a hot mayo to add a little kick of spice.

air fryer beef and broccoli in a bowl with white rice

Food styling by Brooke Caisson; photograph by Erik Bernstein


Broccoli & Beef in an Air Fryer

This traditional Chinese-American meal has savory-sweet sauce, nicely cooked broccoli florets, and delicate beef pieces. Bonus: it might be quicker than takeout since it just takeBERNSTEIN ERIK!

air fryer orange chicken

JOEL GOLDBERG took the photo; HADLEY SUI styled the food.


Air-Fried Orange Chicken

Orange chicken is typically deep- or pan-fried in oil; however, air-frying the chicken reduces the amount of fat and calories significantly. Serve this over simple air-fried veggies, allowing them soak up the additional sauce, for a low-carb alternative. Of course, this recipe tastes great over rice or nutritious grains.

air fryer salmon

JOEL GOLDBERG took the photo; HADLEY SUI styled the food.


Salmon Air-Fried

Use your air fryer to make the quickest fish supper you’ve ever had. This salmon cooks in about ten minutes, and it has a wonderful top crust and an inside that is flak10and delightfully soft. This is elevated by the sweet mustard topping, but you may also use your preferred marinade.

air fryer fried brown rice

JOEL GOLDBERG took the photo; HADLEY SUI styled the food.


Fried Brown Rice in an Air Fryer

The nicest thing about fried rice is that it tastes better the next day. However, we discovered that this recipe for an air fryer works just as well with precooked brown rice that comes in a box. Cheaters, great news!

air fryer chicken wings covered in buffalo sauce with blue cheese and celery

Image courtesy of Doaa Elkadie; food styling by Makinze Gore


Air-fried Chicken Wings

Although they’re wonderful, fried chicken wings may be messy. These air fryer wings are as crispy as deep-fried ones, plus they’re much easier to make. We’ve been addicted!toasted ravioli squares with marinara

Food styling by Brooke Caisson; photograph by Erik Bernstein


Ravioli Air Fryer Roasted

Although we have an obsession with ravioli, the four pieces that come in a dish are insufficiently full. Eating ravioli with your hands like an app is considerably more enjoyable when it’s “fried” and breaded in your air fryer. Serve it with plenty of marinara on the side for dipping!

air fryer pork chops delishcom



Air-fried Pork Slices

We don’t usually get particularly enthused about pork chops. They turn out tasteless, depressing, and often overdone. All of that changes when you cook them in an air fryer. The high heat circulation causes the interior to remain moist and the exterior to crisp somewhat.

air fryer gf peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

JOEL GOLDBERG took the photo; HADLEY SUI styled the food.


GF Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Air Fryer

You’ll be surprised to learn that these little cookies only need six ingredients—the majority of which you probably already have on hand—not including a dash of salt. We sized these down to make them simpler to put in lunchboxes and for snacking. 😊

air fryer drumsticks coated in a soy, coca cola sauce topped with sesame seeds

Photographer: Erik Bernstein; Chef: Laura Rege


Drumsticks for an Air Fryer

This meal is largely inspired by two Chinese dishes: the iconic Coca-Cola wings from the 1980s and 1990s, and the aromatic, umami-filled Cantonese soy sauce chicken. Here, the air fryer will produce wonderfully delicate, slightly crispy chicken. Reserve the marinade and use it to create a sticky, somewhat sweet sauce. Delicious!

Get the recipe for Air Fryer Drumsticks.

air fryer spinach, red pepper, goat cheese omelet

Joel Goldberg took the photo; Barrett Washburne styled the food.


Goat cheese, spinach, and roasted red pepper omelet made in the air

This omelet, loaded with veggies, demonstrates the true potential of an air fryer. Tailor the fillings to your own personal omelet bar at home. Hot tip: If you think the omelet needs another minute in the air fryer, put it back in. It will seem set on top before it is done.

air fryer korean pork tenderloin lettuce wraps

JOEL GOLDBERG took the photo; HADLEY SUI styled the food.


Korean-Inspired Air Fryer Pork Tenderloin Lettuce Wraps

These lettuce wraps with their spicy sweet sauce go very well with pork tenderloin. They taste great like lettuce tacos, but you could also simply make the whole dish into a bowl with rice or other grains.

air fryer primavera roasted vegetables

JOEL GOLDBERG took the photo; HADLEY SUI styled the food.


Roasted Primavera Vegetables in an Air Fryer

This refreshing side dish goes well with grilled chicken or fish, but it’s also delicious served on its own with pasta, additional olive oil, and Parmesan cheese.

air fryer tofu



Tofu in an Air Fryer

Usually, you would need to heat up a lot of oil in order to obtain crispy tofu, and you would have to worry about overcooking or a messy cleanup. However, using an air fryer makes it simple to obtain flawlessly golden brown tofu.

air fryer everything bagel avocado fries

Joel Goldberg took the photo; Barrett Washburne styled the food.


Air Fryer Everything Bagel Avocado Fries

Introducing the offspring of two beloved breakfast items: savory avocado toast and toasted everything bagel with cream cheese. These delectable avocado fries, which depend on the magic air fryer for their crisp texture instead of deep frying, combine their superpowers.

air fryer miso glazed scallops

JOEL GOLDBERG took the photo; HADLEY SUI styled the food.


Miso-Glazed Scallops in an Air Fryer

These scallops, a play on Nobu’s well-known miso-glazed fish, are our new go-to dish for romantic evenings. They have an air of sophistication, yet they’re very simple to prepare (and very difficult to go wrong with), making them the ideal dish to serve when we want to make an impression. Accompany with a side of simply sautéed spinach and rice.

air fryer tahini black bean fritter

JOEL GOLDBERG took the photo; HADLEY SUI styled the food.


Tahini Black Bean Fritters made in the air

Enjoy these crispy (thanks to the air fryer!) bean cakes by themselves or as a really delicious vegetable burger by placing them between slider buns and topping them with all of your favorite burger toppings.